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Tokyo Search Engine Optimization is important to the people of Japan simply because there is more then a million businesses all competing to be on the first page of Google for the japan key search words. If you are not on the first page or atleast 2nd, well, they wont find your business or buy from it. Hope to the lord they walk past your store and out of curiosity happen to walk in and make a purchase.

Or Kensaku enjin saiteki-ka

Hire a Tokyo SEO Expert, me Lorne Schwaier, to get your website on first page of Google in your city, in your niche, within 1 month.


How? is a powerful domain, with synergy from other global partner websites I directly tell Google with Domain Authority who should be on first page for the key words. The popular keywords I will be in competition, which I would dominate with focus. Care to steer my on-line power?

Tōkyō kensaku enjin saiteki-ka

I hope to do business with you, get in touch – LS


Tokyo SEO Expert 東京 SEO

Favorite Childhood Japanese Anime – Akira (1988)

Watch the trailer I created for the Motorcycle scene – akira 1988 youtube video

From Canada with Loveありがとう

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